Waterfox 56.2.0 Free Download For Windows 64-bit :

Waterfox 56.2.0 Free Download 64-bit:

Waterfox 56.2.0 latest Free Download For Windows

Waterfox 56.2.0 Free:

Waterfox 56.2.0 provides you a version that is high-performance is 64-Bit of Firefox. The Firefox source rule was indeed taken and compiled in order to particularly run for 64-Bit Windows computers. To make Waterfox stand down from the crowd, it PUT was put together with many optimizations such that it will perform faster and more proficiently than simply Firefox that is compiling as the program that is 64-Bit. Download Waterfox Latest Version for Windows.

For folks who can’t wait for Firefox to embrace 64-bit, take a review of Waterfox rather. This is a real browser that is devoted is 64-bit on Firefox’s available source code, put together particularly for 64-bit versions of Windows, filled with optimizations to greatly help speed things up a little more.!

Waterfox 56.2.0 Free ended up being then compiled with many optimizations such that it will perform faster and more efficiently than merely compiling Firefox as a program that is 64-Bit.

Waterfox is really worth running as possible if you’re making use of a 64-bit version of Windows and want to push the performance envelope as far.


  • It’s additionally important to note that Waterfox stocks your Firefox settings, so should you come to uninstall it, don’t choose the option to delete all information that is personal you’re nevertheless using Firefox.
  • This is actually portable edition.

Important Note:

Because the Waterfox 56.2.0 is 64-bit, you’ll need to have set up the 64-bit form of Microsoft’s artistic C++ 2010 Redistributable to avoid an MSVCR100.DLL missing error message when you decide to try to introduce the app. You’ll additionally find handy links to 64-bit versions of Flash, Silverlight and Sun Java regarding the Waterfox download web page too, while all add-ons that work in Firefox should too work with Waterfox.

Waterfox 56.2.0 Free Download For Windows

Waterfox 56.2.0 Free Download For Windows


System Requirements:

64-bit version of Windows, Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Package that is required

Operating Systems:

Windows XP, Windows 7 (64 bit), Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Vista (64 bit).

Language: English

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