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Smart Booster PRO APK For Android Free Download [ Latest ]

Smart Booster PRO APK

Sometimes your android devices garbage built problems for you such as the low of device performance due to high usage of the RAM in the bugs and unwanted applications, these minor problems causes major defects in the operating system. Smart Booster is the software which stops all the UN useful applications and boosts up the performance of the android device. Smart Booster PRO APK is much-authenticated software which proves valuable for your device.

It firmly cleans up the cache memory and kills them for optimizing the speed of the random access memory. In the smartphones, there is the probability that the applications run in the background without any permission which overhangs the storage and also affects the battery timing of the device. Smart Booster PRO APK is prepared by the world’s best software engineers; they put all efforts to make this software effective. It includes all best optimization tools which save your battery and RAM space also.

Highlights of the Smart Booster PRO APK:

  • Smart RAM Booster

It is the most wonderful feature and the basic purpose of the Smart Booster through which it scans the device’s random access memory and boost the RAM from anywhere, smart widget which deceptively done all procedure

  • Fast Cache Cleaner

It has the fastest cache cleaner which works firmly even with a one click, it is full time-saving feature of the Smart Booster PRO

  • Quick SD Cleaner

If you want to clean a memory card or SD card which is full of viruses or malware. This feature scan and quick clean all the junk files which are sometimes created by the millions of applications which are installed in your device

  • Advanced Application Manager

Smart Booster also has a wonderful tool which is named advanced application manager which manage all the applications which are installed on your smartphones.

The most amazing part of the Smart Booster is a small configurable widget that places on the top of any application installed. Android task manager will selectively kill all the mishaps occur in the RAM.

Features of the Smart Booster PRO APK:

  • Performs quick scan of the device and work efficiently
  • One click cache cleaning
  • Provides you all information about internal and external cache
  • Shows the apps which are using more space
  • It gives you SD card partition
  • Awesome photo cleaner and music cleaner
  • You can now create backup and uninstall all the unused software
  • Have a function of disabling the system defaults apps

What’s New in the Smart Booster PRO APK?

  • It is ready for the new android version( android N)

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